Triphala Capsules

Triphala is a combination of three fruits that make a traditional medicine in the field of natural medicine. Indian Ayurveda has believed triphala to be the finest medicine for many diseases for ages.It provides physical strength and gives nourishment that the body needs. These capsules help in detoxification and helps in improving the immunity.


·         The glucose in the blood levels is maintained normal by the intake of triphala tablets or capsules.

·         Hard stools or constipation is treated by the triphala capsules

·         These help in better digestion and enables relief from gastric disorders.

·         When consumed as prescribed by the doctor the triphala capsules are said to prevent serious diseases like cancer and pneumonia.

·         These capsules are prescribed for toothaches and also for bleeding gums.

·         For healthy skin and hair triphala capsules could be consumed.

·         Urinary tract infections UTI problems could be taken care of with the intake these capsules.