Neem Aloe vera Soap

Neem Aloevera soap:

Neem and Aloevera are both strong components in the skin care area, neem with its anti-bacterial & antiseptic properties along with the right blend of aloevera with its polyphenols and anti-bacterial policies help in fighting the infections caused by the rough environmental factors and protects the skin remarkably.


Benefits of Neem Aloevera Soap:

ü  Skin problems such as dry skin, acne, bacterial infections are all treated with the neem aloevera bathing routine.

ü  Infections that cause irritation and itching resulting in the redness of the skin could easily be soothed with the neem aloevera soap usage.

ü  While neem fights infections, aloe vera acts as a moisturizer to the skin.

ü  Stretch marks, fine lines, and the other signs of aging could be removed noticeably.

ü  Its performance as a sun screen also goes a long way, as both the constituents are completely nourishing to the skin.