Amla Tablets

Amla is considered to be the fine source of Vitamin C, raw amla or gooseberry is consumed as a snack for its sweet-sour taste in many regions. Best amla is selected and are processed to manufacture capsules and tablets in such a way that its nutrients are retained naturally. The acidic nature helps the body refrain from the attack of viruses.

  • Amla tablets/capsules help in better digestion when taken as per the physician’s direction.
  • The vitamin C in amla helps in curing common cold and flu. This prevents the infections caused by virus.
  • Persons with low immunity levels can take this tablet to improve the immunity with no side effects.
  • Hard stool Problems could be treated with the help of amla capsules as they as the best laxative.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, risks of cancer, high cholesterol issues can be treated effectively by consuming amla tablets.