Acalypha Indica Soap

Acalypha Indica Soap:

Acalypha Indica or the Indian Acalypha also called as Kuppaimeni has got positive effects on the skin. The Siddha medicine recommends kuppaimeni for various ailments, It’s a shrub that is commonly found growing all around especially in the waste lands which make it easy to get and easy to use.


Benefits of Acalypha Indica Soap:

We could find people in the Indian villages using the leaves of acalypha for treating the burns on the skin.The itching and irritation on the skin could be relieved with the kuppaimeni extract soap.It acts as a healer to the major skin diseases such as eczema & ringworm problems in the body.Rashes and itching could be treated, the soap application on the face reduces the boils and other rashes.