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Adding herbal tea to your meal and daily routine helps you get various nutritious benefits of increased blood antioxidant levels and normal functioning of the liver and kidney. Promotes proper digestion and a healthy immune system.

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Pure Anti - Diabetic Loose Tea 100g

Pure Anti - Diabetic Loose Tea 100g

ANTI-DIABETIC TEA aids in the normalisation and regulation of blood sugar levels in the body. This is a caffeine-free mix.


TEA FOR SAFE DRINKING: It works in tandem with any other diabetic medications that the patient may be taking. In fact, if used in combination with other medicines, it will improve their efficacy.



HERBAL HOME REMEDY: Natural home remedies are an excellent option for individuals seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.


DIRECTIONS : Take 1 tea spoon measuring 2 gram of Anti-Diabetic Tea and mix well with 150ml of water. Boil it for 3-5 minutes. Strain completely to another cup and serve without Milk. It’s advisable to drink this tea twice daily after meals.


Packing options : 4 Oz, 8 Oz , 16 Oz and 1 Lbs and Bulk
Packaging in: Metal tins , Paper canister and Eco friendly kraft pouches

Diabetic tea effectively improves nutrient absorption. Prevents complications of high blood sugar naturally to an extent. Helps to strengthen the body. Improves good eyesight. Maintains body tissues healthy and active.

Anti-Diabetic Tea is an optimal recipe that provides the optimum health and flavour to the individual who consumes the tea. Because it is herbal, it is free of toxic tannins and caffeine, making it even more beneficial to one's health. In addition, Pro-Dia Tea relieves tension, exhaustion, and rejuvenates you throughout the day.

Specialists in quality herbal tea herbal products since 2010. We deliver herbal remedies.

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