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How Moringa Seeds Very Useful in Personal Life?

Thursday, Jan 20,2021

Moringa Oliefera Plant is widely known to for its vast range for medicinal uses It contains of Natural Vitamins and amino acids, Fiber , and all basic nutrients which is required by the body In all over the world Million of people are taking moringa to fulfil their nutritional needs Most common parts used in Moringa as follows

  • Moringa leaf powder
  • Moringa seeds
  • Moringa seed Kernels
  • Moringa Stem
  • Moringa Bark
  • Moringa Gum
  • Moringa Roots
Among lot of uses from various parts Moringa leaf powder is the primarily used . Moringa leaf power is well verse in controlling the over all any kind of inflammation in the body It also helps in eradicate lifestyle hazards like cancer etc . It has also have anti bacterial activities which helps us the stay away from infectious diseases . It is very much popular to boost our immune power of the body . it is also helpful in improve our Digestive power . it is common application for improve our digestion is Digestive Tea  Moringa tablets and capsules are also available in market which are very convenient form of intake Moringa Seeds are another very useful part in moringa . In ancient days Moringa seeds are well known for its aphrodisiac activity .  Eating of moringa seeds will improve physical desire and Stamina of the body . The studies conducted by Government Vidharba  Institute of Science on albino rats proved significant aphrodisiac activity of Moringa seeds.The results are published on their journel.They revealed that the presence of alkaloid flavanoids , steroids, phenolics, saponins are primarily the reason for potential aprodisiac activity in moringa seeds Lot of Moringa seed based products are available in market now Commonly available Moringa seed varieties in world as follows Moringa PKM 1 seeds  Moringa PKM 2 seeds Moringa  KKM 1 Moringa Conventional variety of seeds Other Varieties : GKVK 1, 2, 3, Dhanaraj, Bhagya (KDM-1), Konkan Ruchira, and Anupama. Dhanaraj (S 6/4) was developed by Tamilnadu Agricultural University Any variety of Moringa seeds will be useful for this purpose How to use :
  1. After removing of the husk and wings of Moringa seeds it can be eaten as it is.
  2. These kernel can be roasted in mild fire and can be consumed
  3. Eating for 2 to 4 seeds will give moderate good changes in the body

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